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A book that anyone can read

Rare earths are a subject at the confluence of several disciplines and themes, often only treated by specialists in each particular field: geologists, military, scientific or economists ...

The book introduces the topic of rare earth in a form understandable by all publics and describes  in a simple way a complex problem by analyzing it through four sections.
The first relates to applications in areas of daily life and in more sensitive sectors, provides a mapping of uses and issues. By giving specific examples of recent developments, the reader grasps the importance and timeliness of the subject of rare earths.

The second assesses the resources of rare earths, from the United States to China through all continents, and the hopes raised by the recent prospecting campaign conducted by Japan . The various players in this market are reviewed, major exploration companies or small mining companies, to establish the panorama of forces.

The third section explains what are the key factors that drive the market for rare earths, both in its economic, environmental, and societal aspects. It also examines the psychology of the markets surrounding such a resourceand what can be learned from the past.

Last but not least, the fourth part is prospective and gives a concrete proposal for what would be a solution to end our dependence to the Chinese monopoly of today and tomorrow's oligopoly ..
This book is primarily intended for those who wish to discover or deepen the subject of rare earths, including how these mineral elements and those who own them,  will shape the world economic power in the future.

It also gives without hackneyed phrases some answers to many questions that the public is willing to discover:
  • What are the rare earths ?
  • Why are they so strategic to many industries ?
  • What is the position of France and the European Union on rare earths ?
  • Is it possible to predict the evolution of rare earths prices ?
  • Rare earth and environment: what is the magnitude of the impact ?
  • Is the potential shortage of rare earth a serious option ?
  • What are the implications for the French and European industry if rare earths were lacking ?
  • Will the Chinese monopoly last for long ? How long ?
  • How many mining projects on rare earths are there underway ?
  • Who are the main players in this market ?
  • Recycling of rare earth: is thisa credible alternative ?
  • Does the research play its role to find alternatives to rare earths ?
  • Is the Chinese soft power associated with rare earths "so soft" ?

And many more ....
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