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Terres Rares  - Avenir industriel et future richesse de l'Europe ?"


Number of pagess: 120
Format: 145 x 220
Cover: colour
Charts, table and graphs:  yes                           
ISBN: 978-2-7466-4174-7
Author: David WEBER
Edition: 2012

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"From our lighters to our digital tablets through wind turbines or the engines of our hybrid cars, rare earths are present everywhere. These seventeen elements constitute the basis for the industries of the 21st century and continental Europe has almost none of them. Far from leaving the field open to Chinese monopoly and  existing and emerging mining countries, the European Union and particularly France has a historic opportunity to build on his offshore possessions and his expertise to participate in a major project which might not only format its industrial destiny but also its military and energy independence. Time is short, we have only a few years in front of us.

At a time when Europe is experiencing its worst crisis since 1945, a worldwide battle for the control  of rare earth takes place in the ignorance of the general public. It is in times of crisis that germ the basis of future success, and far from the ambient defeatism, this book explains the current situation and the assets of the Old Continent, proposing a scheme that is both ambitious and realistic to ensure our independence, create jobs and prepare our industry to tomorrow economic realities and challenges. It is possible, if we really want to. Really. "
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